Incubators & Accelerators

Be the vital linkage between stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem. Raise awareness for your activities in promoting startups by hosting a workshop or a talk. 
Get constructive feedback on how the ecosystem values your contribution. Make good use of all the tools that we provide and get to know top-notch startups that will be incubated in your Incubator/Accelerator. 

Gain feedback! Show, present and promote your activities in the Ecosystem. Take notice on what others think of your contribution to the ecosystem. 

Startup Organizations

Starting a new business is often exciting, but new business ventures are often filled with unexpected expenses and setbacks. Without guidance or financial assistance, many new business startups have difficulty succeeding. Several foundations have been established to help business startups succeed, providing essential financial, legal and organizational assistance to these businesses when it is needed most.

What to do next?

Discuss with our team

Discuss with our team how our partnership can serve your objectives. Let's arrange a virtual meeting to go through our success plan!

Design a tailor-made package

Our priority is that your organization takes full advantage of the opportunities that StartupNow Forum offers. A member of our team will take over the design of your custom-made package with who you will discuss your goals and needs.

Partner Experience

Our team will be next to you throughout the entire SUNF experience to make sure that your package meets your expectations and to enable you in reaching your goals not only before, but also during and after the event. We hope that this partnership continues to grow even after the StartupNow Forum 2021.

Ready for StartupNow Forum

Ready, set, go. Reach out to business partners, find new customers, or be inspired by hours of premium content. There’s a lot to experience, and our team is here to help your company make the most of it.

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