StartupNow Forum is well known for being all about efficient networking. StartupNow Gate is an exclusive platform, offering the best conditions for meeting with the key players of the ecosystem. And this is where the magic happens because 40% of meetings lead to real deals! 

You get to meet, negotiate deals and receive feedback from your future investors, business partners and potential employees. Find the people you want to meet, pre-book meetings well in advance and have efficient 20-minutes long video meetings. StartupNow Forum  is open 24/7 during the event days so get your ticket to start preparing for your meetings!

StartupNow Gate is the perfect place to efficiently find new business opportunities in privacy and comfort of your own home or office computer.



We showcase disrupting startups and introduce them to leading investors, companies and major players of the ecosystem.


Whether it’s Papastratos, Terna Energy, Lamda Development or Helector, something about StartupNow Forum works for our partners.


We connect VCs & Angel Investors with pre-seed, seed & growth stage startups through one-to-one meetings.


Make good use of all the tools that we provide and get to know top-notch startups that will be incubated in your Incubator/Accelerator.


Find the proper people meeting your needs. Startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, corporates and institutions are all connected via our matchmaking platform. Seek the most suitable connections for your business profile, request a 1:1 meeting and generate successful leads! But networking is all about the follow up! Sign up at StartupNow Gate to stay in touch with your StartupNow Forum contacts.

matchmakingHow it Works

People Discovery

Once you join the virtual event platform, you will immediately be served up a list of relevant contacts who are highly curated based on a myriad of factors. Yes, we send AI-Powered recommendations through our algorithms.

Meeting Request

We use a Smart Scheduler that automatically displays the mutual availability of both parties for maximum efficiency and optimisation. On top of that, attendees can specify and focus the discussion based on pre-fill tags; even leave a short memo to direct the upcoming discussion. The software learns and this would build a unique customer profile that would further enhance the type of people and content recommendations that we send out.

Once the meeting is scheduled you will receive updates and reminders via email, push notifications as well as through SMS. What’s next, simply click on the Match Virtual Icon to initiate the video call meeting. No download, no geographical limitations. It can’t get any simpler than that.